Athnor's Note: This storie is a reimagiling of Babylon 5 and takes place in a frather futore so it does okay to not soposed to be cannnon.


Jekri looked work. He was the prince of that planet Bablyon and he had to work.

Commander Gorge Hackaler rann into the space deck and was out of breathing and then said in a loudly shout "WHERE HAS YOU BE'D?"

Jekri looked up at him and said "You have run into here with a hurry!"

Gorge said "Yes I have come to you with a plan it is from the galactic planets"

Jekri looked up at him and said "Okay but what is the plan"

Gorge said "I don't know, it is a secret but you must help me it is for the good of the galactic planets"

Just then a TV said that the galactic planets in danger were so much.

Jekri talked to him back "We have to hurry then because I do not want to see an entire planets to be putted in ham's way"

They arrived at the bullet shoot which shoot them into space like a bullet. it was new technology that the Bablonerans bassed on the werks of Juls Vernn but with railgun instad.

"We should get into the bullet" they arrived.

When they arrived, they went into the cargo bay of the planets and they arrived. There were so many boxes.

Before they went to the exit to the main planets, Jekri looked at a box. "We should check this box to see if it is anything suspicious" Jekri said and he pointed at the box that he looking at.

Gorge said "Okay I will open it" and he open at it and inside was a terrorist

"Oh no, it is something bad!" Jekri said "We need to run"

The terrorist shooted a laser device and it was shooting lasers all over the ship. They hurried to run away while the terrorist was shooting lasers all over the cargo bay.

When they escaped Gorge sighed a relieving brith.

But the terrorist found them and it was a terrorist alien that was green with a lot of scales.

"We don't put mean you any ham!"

The terrorist said "But I am a poltitical activist and i have to make the governments of the planets understand"

"Violence does not solve!"



That night they arrived at the pplanet of the plan and Gorge set to put it in the motion

"This is chemical power that will kill all of the evil Devalorkians"

"They are evil alien race" Jerki revealed to agree "but we cannot wrong"


Jekri looked up at him and said "It is not the way to genocide because Devalorkian have good people too and babies"

Jekri looked up at him and said "I cannot allow you to becomes the same evil as what are they"

And they fighted a fist fights and Gorge won by knocking Jekri brain into the wall with him powerful fist punch "oh no my friend"

And Gorge realized it was bad memory and that Jekri was right to not kill the peoples and decided not to do the plan. But the Galactics of planets told Gorge he failed the mission but he was thoughts it okay because the universe would be safe or maybe.

Gorge died of heart attack while in prison but the peace goes on.


An ewok eats a piece of brocolli "this is pretty good"