The Joker was Batman's evli nemisis and tehy foughts too many times so now Batman was tired.
"Morning Alfred" he said as he took off his bat suit.
"I made yuo teh eggs." And Bruce Wayne ate the eggs. But too bad becaus Joker knew what Batmans scret idenity was Bruce Wayne and came to combat him.
"No! You can not hurt the master Wayne" said Alferd and he was killed by the Joker's men.
"Good shoot!" shouted Joker at the gun man.
Batman wsa very angary for the kill of hsi frend so he shouted "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" and shoot a big fireball like on Dragonball Z.
Joker was exploded over all the place and turned into a ghost. So Batman needed to fight with gohst powars to fight Joker's ghost.
Hsi magic baterang flew and cut Joker head off.
"I safed the day!" Batman shouted..

Later he wsa having sex with Catwoman becuas she was good now. But after tehy wer done she laufhed.
"Hah." seh said "taht was a trick. I am not good lkie I sad. I am alyaws evil!!" and she teird to kill him with a knife.
Batman had too use his refelxes to sotp the knife and kciked her.
Robin ran into to see what was noise and saw that it was naked Catwoman.
"Oh no, is Catwoman!"
Catwomna tried now to kill Robin but she msised and Robin pncuhed her to go threw the window and she fel down and died.
"Batamn" Robin said and he was sad "I dont want to fight criem any more. I am tired of kiling." and he left.
"No! Robin!" But it was teh end. Adn he nevr saw Robin afetr that.