Created by Peter Chimaera

"Not now," Master Chief answered, as he blasted his rifle at the Covenant guys. "I am in an emergency."
When the emergency was over, he said to the radio, "What is the message?"
"It is very important," said Private Martha Berk, "and you must return to base. I will drive you there."
She pulled in on a warthog just in time as more Covenant came running with other guns.
Chief jumped into the back and fired with the turret at full power.
"What is it?" He said as he shot all over.
"Hold on," Martha panicked. "We are driving right into a black hole."
When Master Chief killed the last of the covenant he let go of the turret and picked up two rocket launchers.
"It's action time," he said. Then he pointed and fired the rockets at the black hole but it did nothing.
"Giant greats!" He exscreamed! But it was too late and they got sucked in. His plan didn't work.
"Our only plan is to use a teleport," she shouted but couldn't be heard over the black hole. Minutes later they were on
the ship and everything was okay.
"Thanks for saving us," Master Chief sighed because it was a long day.