Created by Peter Chimaera

The Richter Belmont was reed a letter he gots from the mail. His son wa sick but he read the lettar ovar the candle for the lights. It was dark night and he was in the house but the lettre ws afrom Maria Rennard!.

Seh was from awayu and we was worry of her? "Alucard is fear that we be trouble! I send the powarup fro yuo to combat the evil!"

So he takesd the power and the light turned to white all round him till it was so bright his eyes couldnt see the vision.
Ricten gasp "It is teh powerful!"

Ten Dracula came and eated animals all over the forest. Word spred to the village where tBelmont family was wrnead of it.

"It deradful! I am worry of my husband who lumbers in the forst all day"
"Donot worry i am safe the village from him" and Ricter said goodbye to neibhour Shelly and ran off to fight the vampire.

First he foght the Frankensteing and death but a whole bunch of skeletons too until he found teh Dracula.

"Haha" Dracula laughered "you have fighting for very long house it is almost midnight and then i will be MOr powerful!"
"I can fight for few hourse more and " he whip the crystal out of Darculas handd.
"That is lony crystal that is not source of power i am still powar"

So Rihcter whip again and darcula neck blooded. "Dont understand"
"tath crystal was a fakes i sent it to you to replce the reel one it is full of holy water which you are standing on so yuo lose all your power"
"No that is not make sense"
"Whip again" he commanded as he whipped at the head off. Darcula's head rolled down teh forest hill into the swamp by Tranvlsania Desert and his body turn to dust.

I W"ill never fight yuo again but my son will fight when he is older that is curst ofe the belmonts"

but he came home and son was dead of the skick.
Richter was sadly. But he knew that he could train of other Belmont. He wuld have nother child.