Created by Peter Chimaera

Dante watireed in his castal of darkness but he was not sad was angery1 A man was that a demon came to conquer him but it would not be so.

"I have come to delver a massege from a demon" saided a beard man with angry sword. He ripped Dante castla but Dante duck under the sowrd and return the fatal blow.

"Who the demon?" Dante setts down his fists.

"I am only bring message" And the man died with blood attack. Dante was explore for clues in old mansion. Time to rock and roll, his thoughtedhead brightened him.

"Relax your weopns!" Said a demonwoman. Her name hse said was Karrven and she explosioned a fire at him. Dante took his pistals and cracked a awesome lightning and she came to exploding. Dante swoop down with sword but sword broke!

"Naack1! Tatth was my faethers SWORD I MURDER YOU" but she was alsready mudredicd becuse she was un dead ghost spirit of demon working for the great daman mastar Powerloth.

"Good work yuo freed Kravne but now fights you against me!" And it was Simonn Belmont from Castalvania who was turns more evil by Darcula. Too much power so Dante did not have his sword and hads use his gun attack.

"Fire bullet" Dante shoot at Simon and blood his face off. "NO!"

Simon was not free thoug becuss he was under evil powrar too lnog! Dante felt bads about it but tath was his duety. He would make new sword out of a metal and would win triumph over anuther evil agein!he end