By Peter Chimaera

Chaos in the lab

The wind flowed spraying like into Digimon's face but he was not intrested. The wrold needed to be saved becuse an evil scintist had created a machine that culd destory it! Digimon has a hard time getting into the scientist lair where the man had a gun.
"It's too late," he smiled. It was an evil smile that he held the gun with.
"No it's not too late YOU MONSTER! I WIIL DESTORY YOU!" and he charged. And he used his digimon powar to kill him. The wrold was saved from evil.
"Hooray I saved the wolrd!" he shouted. "THE WORLD IS SAFE"

Digimon goes home

But he found that on the way home there was no road. It was too late like the scintist said. He had already destored the road and the people were trapped on the island that they were trapped in. There was nothing he could do. So he went home and cried