Capter 1: Deadly dropdown

Preadator was going down in a tailspin "I ma goinna crush" and he crushed into a highway'l "What is it noise" asked the limo driver he was driving Digimon to his house on the island.
"It is must be a alien but it is frundly?" Digimon checked out his in front of him and it wit all clear.
"Frorget about me I go on ahead" and Digimon did a jump out onto road but there was a fire.
"HELP ME A KID WAS RAPPED UNDER A CAR" she said and Digimon when running to savety at her "IT IS NOT A GOOD TIME FOR A CHILDREN TO DIED"
"Whoi s that Digimon?"
He just barely lifted the car and it was not enoulgh "I would need moch more strogth to lift all of it"
So he had to find a way. Meanwhile teh aliem craft was allxploded and they all fell down from tremandoul blapst wave.
But little kid wasnfsafe form the car which fell off the bridgled "MY WORK IS IN THERE"
"Sorru sir but we have to be lucky that your daughter was not kirled."
"Yes that is true"

The next day Gigimon woke up wand went to get readyied for work but there was nockwat the door from a probably postman. "I will get the mail he opened the door and there was another Predator"
"My brother is dead"
"My name is Krlrkak and my brothon died because his ship crashed" and the predator wernt invisible and then shot a lasers at digimon 3.
Digimon had to avoid ths shots so he did th esplits. If he had power to see the preadtor but he had to figure it out.
"Look you are behind the stairs" he said but it was a trick and when predator realized he was not fooled Digimon did a butterfly kick and knocked off the invisibility with gruesome attack.
"You kicked me in the invisible"
"That is a just start" Nd Digimon punched so hard that Predatorrd went unconscious. Dimimon felt licky that his bomb did not bomb the place.
"I have to find out why the ship crashed" so Digimon and Predator went to the FBI but they said they cant go in there "WHO ARE YOU TO DEMAND TO COME IN"
"You car not a digimon you are not one" of the "YES I AM I am a new Digimon but there is NO TIME"

Auithors notel Digimon is a new Digimon because there is not actual Digimon that is called Digimon he is a new one that I invented

So they brokened in with a timeful kick to the very door. The door crashled across the room so hard it flew across the room. The police tried to sopt him but they were trappebehind the door that flew.
"You cannot take the evidence" an fbi shot at Digomon but missed and hit Predatr so predatr went invisible and took the cop unconsious. When Digrimon found the evidence it said that the ship crashed because of fbi experiments. "THIS IS BAD NEWS" said the police.
So it was all blowen high and wise.
"Now how will you get to your homepla?
net""I will have to fly there in my ship but thanks for your help here is a spear"

Chapteern 2: To help with the police

Digimon experienced a knock at his door but this time it was not alien attack it was police.
"Ot's okay to relax we are here to congratulate you for exposing the FBI"
So they had a dinner but officer Victorix did not come because he was very busy.