Knuckles Vses the Fox Power

Kunckles was sitting on the broked tree barnch where when Tails came but not really Tails came to see him.

"Knockles we need your halp"o he said the fox said with a inquiring speech.

"What's wrong Tails hold on you are not Tails" He looked and Tails only had one tail so he did not have two tails

"No I am Shadow but Enerjax turned me into a fox"

"How can that be'll?"

"Enerjax discovered an new chaos emerald now ther are 12! And he is using his power to turn all the animals into soxes"

"This is bad news I have to help but I will not ask Sonic for help"

Knuckles trained at the forest until he was ready "I am ready"


Knuckles arrive at the emerald hills but found out that Enerjax was not there but in green hills zone so knucles went there instead. It took him 30 minutes because he was tired

Enerjax tried to turn Knuckles into a fox too but Knuckles was smart and jumped around Enerjax's power. Knuckles punched him but Enerjax blocked it and then Knuckles punched him again.

"Very clever Mr. Knuckles" and Enerjax went to laugh but that opened up the opportunity and Knuckles threw his hardest bunch that made Enerxj split in half but it was his power that did it and he turned into two Enerjaxes.

"I forgot you have the power to turn into two Enerjexes"

"Now you can remember to die, Knuckles" So then

So Knuckles used his power of create portal that creeted portal between the two enerjaskc and sucked them into each other

"OH BONZO" and he exploded into himselfeachother and fell into guts all over the green hills

"Time to dynamite our great victory" Knuclkes posed his self and they were all happy for the end of that mischief

All the foxes turned back into their other animals except one was a still fox. "What happened? Is the magic still working on your?"

"No, said the fox" the fox said "I am Starfox" And Starfox flew away on his Arwing.

Sonic showed up at just that time "You saved the animals without me"

Knookles laughed "Ha ha you are too slow this time you fucking."