Friendship is Danger

Chapter One

Rainbow Dahs woked up and went to at the garden

Hello Rainbow Dash "said " a girl pony who wa named Flyhoof.

"OK hello Flyhoof I have never met you at before?"

"No I am a new pony and we have to find Applyjack"

First Rainbow Dash went to Applejack's house and they ate a apple pie and then they went to the space base where they had to get ready to go into space

"Put on your space suit Rainbow Dash"


And then when they landed on the moon aeverything was okay and they had a picnic but they coudlnt eat because they had to keep their space suits on so it was only a pretend picnic but while they were gone a hundred disasters happend

"We have to go back to" Flyhoof said. Flyhoof was a pegasaur but she had horn like unicorn but it didnt do anything.

So they went bck to Unietd Equestraland and found Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle and the other one and then they went to solve the disasters

First they found a corcodile and they kicked its head and it went "Oof" and then gave back all the children it ate and they were fine but it wasn't time to say horay and they had to get to the job deal done if they wanted to solve the rest of the disasters and the crocodile felt bad and offered to help them "My name is Crunch"

"I am Raindbow Dash and these are my friends" and they all went to find the big tree that was burning down so they put out the burning tree

"We have to not go in the forest because it is danger" and they went into the forest and Fluttershy got caught in a beartrap and then she died

"Fluttershy is dead oh no"


"We will find a key"

"Please of hurrying my leg is very much blood" Fluttershy said with cry

So they found a lumberjack pony who came with axe and cut the bear trap off but he got lost. Alog the way they solved almost all the other disasters aand then found the lumberjack but he was very sick

"I was bitten by a poisoned snake" he explared

"That is nt true you are halucinating and you just got a toad posion"

"But I did not eat a toid"

"It does not matter some toads are poisonosu even if you look at them at their eyes"

Authors note im not sure if this true or not but it s part of tht story

So the lumberjack was solved of the last disaster and everyone was safe.

but Fulltershy could not talk because she was shot and the blood was everywhere. And then Fluttershy coughed and a hundred blood came out then she went nothing and everyone sadded.

One day they will all would learn to live their lifes without Futtershy who was dead.