Planet of the Apes Secret of Planet

Authnor's Ote: This faniction is bassed onto the orginal Plunet of the Apps movie because I like it better because it had Chartlon Hessonman in it who is good actor but then he died bcause of circumstances.

An ship of space travel tached down on the remotely desert of the planet that se4cretly was Earth but the ship didn't know because it is plot twist. The crashing happened and then the ship crashed but bad. Out of ship cam Captain Harvey John and he said "My crew are dead so I have to forage in the wilderness" but then he found a city of apes.

"Oh no, this must be Earth" he questioned.

"Take him to the leader apes," said a gorillas who were military him into town so hard it made him hurt his life.

"Who is this human" cried Dr. Zaius with yelling cry.

"My name is Captain John"

Dr. Zaius gapped, "This is outrage! Demand to kill him immeedley"

"You say that now," explaining John "but I have evidence you will betray the apes"

"What have the evidence" asked Cornelius but then the gorillas got mad because he was siding with the humans after so much they had be through.

But he did not have to give the evidence because Dr. Zaius reached up with his angry growl and his fists were powerful ape claws that screamed with his mouth.

"He is mutating into evil" Zira said and she hid on the floor where the apes were hiding

John yelled "We only have ten seconds left so we have to run before he time runs out"

"What happens then?"

"Too late," Dr. Zaius said with explosion and then he exploded but they ran away in time of the explosion.

"That explosion was nearly too much" Cornelius rubbed his fist. "It is too bad. Dr. Zaius was a very great ape and not a bad guy"

"True," John said reinformingly "But this is what happens when you have to prejudice"

It was a very sad lesson.

"But the human still has to pay for his crime" said a gorilla and then they had to execute Captain John and then Cornelius got the arrest for being on his side. Zira waited for him to get out of prison.

The end of chapter one.

Author's not: In chapter two, Cornelius is relearsed from priston for good behaving that he does but they could never undie the human Captain John because he was like Taylor who they liked a long time ago but before all the things happened.

The end.