Chapter OIne

Marge had to tell the Homer news. "I am glucky that my sisters are coming over do dinner"
"OH DOH" and he dropped his hammer on foot because he was fixing dog house of Sanas little holper when the big news came and he was so shocked of anger that he dorped it right on his so much toes.

Chapter Two they come over

Pass the onions "No, Selma" and Homer ate so many opork chops that he went "I dont feel so good" and ran to the bathroom "Hwere did homer go"
"He went to bathroom dont call your father homer"
And maggie create suck noise and shurgged her shoulders because it is all about homers eating too much all the time.
Mr. Burns cammed over and rung the doorbelt.
Marge took off her apron "Ill get it. don't be a hurry"
But turns out at the door it was Mr. Burns!
"I am doing off hours performance review and I need to speech to Homer Simpsons or he gets fired"
"But he is in bathroom?what a predicament"

Chapter Three Homer has to get his job back

"Mr. Burns I missed performance review but wanted to get my old job back"
"No it is too late I have replaced you with ned F;landers"
"Googly doo mr. Homer I am workling at that power plant you work at"
"Ho home flanders"
But he thought it was Mr. Burns telling him and went hom so Dr. Burns had to fire him!

Chapter four

"Hahahahayou lost your job" Homer said to Flanders and Falnders house where they were having barbeque to celebrate Ned Flanders birthday
"It was a pickle"
"UR NOT MAD" And homer went home and slamped the door on his foot "not again on my foot" and zelma was still there and laughed at him badly and so did others like bumblebeeman also but Peater Graffin did not since hes on a different show.