<center>GUNDAM WING - Final Battle</center>

Heero was having rough day at school and his muffin for lunch did not taste the good. "No I am uhngry and this is not good" and threw the muffin and hit a guy.

"Hey the " guy said. It was having bad day.

"Sorry" and so Heero went to his gundam and he flew away to be by himself at the north pole.

"HAHAHAHAHA" said Zechs who was waiting there for him "I have returned and I will kill the erath with gundam powar!"

They fought and Heero won. But Zechs detonatationed his gundam and the north pole blew up.

"No!!!!!!!!!!!!" Heero was mad at all the penguins die.

Zechs got the ship and flew to space. Heero's gundam was not good for space the he went spoking with talk to the gundam inventor who fixed it.

"Now I can fly to space combat" and they fought in space where tehy battled with beam swords antil both mobile suits were all damaged and none could move. This was the end of combat and Duo found them and rescued Heero.

"No I cannot be left to die" Zechs said and he was stuck there in space.

"Thank you" Heero and Duo went to Earth where they had peace.

MAYBE THE END . . . . ?