Created by Peter Chimaera

Neo was wake from sleeping and he shout at Trinity "Help you I think your dead"
"No I am not" she said and she gotted some water drink.
Morpheus walking into the bedroom "Good morning Neo we must kung fu"
So they trained the jiu jitsu and martia larts.
Neo kick him "Good job"

"Morpheus we got a distress signal it is from Niobe"
So they ran into the ship and they found Nioba and she was okay but there was a sentinal.
Neo punched it. His hand was hurting very badly.
"Neo you must be careful" Morphus said and shot the robot.
"Wait" Neo said and he downloaded how to kill the sentinels. But it was too late and cause the machines created a new matrix.
"No, we cannot our powers in the new matrix"
Then Neo disconnected but he was looked dead, and they all told Niobe the sad news.
"What happen in the first matrix" "They are all dead"

"tihs is too much" Morphus shotted quietly "help me fight to save this"
"i illh elp you" Trinity say with the cry she was sad cause thoughts neo was dead but it was matrix trick!
Neo try to say help but his body wads frozedn
"sOh no!" Merpheus say at teh radar screen "more matrix is attack us"
"we will have to jug in" Trinity hooked her up
Wehn they entared teh place was filled with Smiths because the matrix was curroopted with the matrix virus.
"I'll fight this 500" Morpus said and he sworded out his katana at great attack.
Trinity watch in amazing! "You are so good"
"What's this" Morpeud read a data becauz he was fight agents and make them run, but the data said some information!
"It say Neo is alife! We shuld wait go back to seak to him" and they tooks off by using phone interface.

Neo was okay they finds because of mediskel equipmont.
"The matrix is virused wso they cans not control the people any morR,. We arm not win yet but shall continue of the fight!"
They aggreed and formed for strewngth so they could fight the matrix one other day
"gentalmen the fight goes on" Neo said with fist and the crews cheered with new hope.